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Methadone interaction with HIV antiviral drugs

If you are:

  • On methadone and HAART
  • Using methadone and living with HIV
  • On HAART and thinking about going on methadone
  • Working with methadone patients or People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • Using any opiates regularly, licit or illicit (like heroin, dilaudid, fentanyl)
Then you need to know about how methadone and HAART interact. This is lifesaving information! ( This site created by: Donald Grove and Orlando Roman, Treatment Educator and Advocate.)

It can go both ways:
  • Some HAART medications can reduce your methadone levels. You may need more methadone to remain stable.
  • One HAART medication may actually increase your methadone.
  • Methadone can also reduce the levels of certain HAART medications, so you may need to adjust the dosing of your HIV meds.
This site has the most current information available. It comes three ways:






A chart

showing the interactions between methadone and HAART medications. Just the facts, ma'am. Click here.

A plain English version of the scientific information!

With a page for each drug. Facts, with simple details. Each page also has the scientific lingo and the citations. Click here.

A scientific review

of methadone and HAART studies. You can view the article here. (This review is from the October/November 2000 issue of the Mt. Sinai Journal of Medicine.)

Special note to heroin users: Some doctors think that HIV meds will affect your dope. Look at the information here. If you think your HIV med has an interaction with heroin, you might want to switch meds. Unfortunately, its all theory, and probably won't be studied.

Some basic info on WHY the drugs interact.

How your body clears Methadone and HIV meds

List of HIV meds

Viramune and Methadone

Hivid (ddC) and Methadone

Fortovase and Methadone

Viracept and Methadone

Norvir and Methadone

Sustiva and Methadone

Rescriptor and Methadone

Videx and Methadone

Zerit and Methadone

Crixivan and Methadone

Amprenavir and Methadone

Ziagen and methadone

AZT and methadone

Epivir and methadone

A chart showing the interactions between methadone and HAART medications