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King County Needle Exchange Program (Part of Public Health - Seattle & King County)
HIV/AIDS Program
400 Yesler Way, third floor
Seattle, WA 98104
Contact person:
Larry Keil
Administrative only:
Program/Services: HIV/AIDS Program Hotline number:
(206) 205-STDS
Fax number:
Email address:
Larry.Keil@metrokc.gov website : www.metrokc.gov/health/apu
Contact methods: ask for Larry Keil or Michael Hanrahan
Age limits? ID needed? No
Open NX, with a target on youth in several of the sites at which we exchange. We are also adding NX to a medical outreach program operated by another service provider using a van that targets street youth.
We exchange syringes on a one-for-one basis, provide other clean injecting equipment, provide a medical clinic on site at our downtown exchange site, do HIV and hepatitis testing and vaccination, provide vouchers for entry into drug treatment, and provide many referrals for social and health concerns.
Hours and location(s)::
check the web site for the schedule: http://www.metrokc.gov/health/apu/resources/needle.htm

Outreach Center
Spokane Regional Health District
1101 West College, Room 372
Spokane, WA 99201
Contact person: Lynn Everson
Administrative only: 509-324-1549
Program/Services: 509-324-1549
Fax number: 509-324-1496
Beeper: 509-625-0232
Email address: leverson@spokanecounty.org
Contact methods: pager
Age limits? ID needed? No
We have an open exchange
Services: we do referrals to a number of services: medical, dental, counseling, std and hiv checks, shelter, food, etc. we also have a small clothing bank and toiletries when donated.
Hours and location(s)::
monday - friday, 3-5 pm at 1103 W. 1st
Wednesday 6:30 - 9:00 pm, corner of Sprague and Pittsburg (in a motor home)
Hookups with other orgs: Yes, except squats
Extra info offered: we ask no questions, stock 3-4 types of syringes (including big for steroids), try to have food daily (stuff like cookies, fruit, popcorn), have been around for almost ten years and have fairly good relations with law enforcement (folks do not get hassled in our area, no one gets followed by police). we provide a list of bad tricks for those working the streets.

Point Defiance AIDS Project (also NASEN)
535 Dock St, #112
Tacoma, WA 98402
Administrative only: 253-272-4857
Fax number: 253-272-8415
Cell: 253-381-5229 or 253-209-7984
Email address: pdap@seanet.com website : www.nasen.org
Contact methods: they can go to the mobile units, or call cell#s: 253-381-5229/ or 253-209-7984 (cause they deliver!)
Age limits? ID needed? No
Description: needle exchange
Services: referrals (methadone, detox, testing STI/HIV/TB, counseling referrals). PDAP is currently working on a hepatitis program, which is at the van.
Hours and location(s)::
Mon through Fri: 11am-2pm at 14th and G St
Mon through Fri: 3-3:30 roving teams on Commerce Ave
Mon through Fri: 10am-5pm deliveries please call cellies
Hookups with other orgs: shelters, soup kitchens, clothing

Street Outreach Services
1503 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Contact person: Kris Nyrop
Administrative only: 206-625-0854
Fax number: 206-625-0326
Email address: kris_sos@speakeasy.org
Contact methods: phone
Age limits? ID needed? No
The exchange is an open exchange, anyone can come, no registration...nothing but service -- most of our staff is young(ish) and many of our participants are youth. We also run a youth center (Capitol Hill Youth Center), which is limited to those 23 and younger (no lower limit)
Services: extensive referrals (food, shelter, clothing, counseling and testing, drug treatment); limited case management; advocacy; we can set folks up with voice mail;
meals four afternoons per week; basic hygiene and safety supplies available
Hours and location(s)::
Needle exchange:
University District exchange M & W 5 to 7 PM, F,Sa, Su 1 to 5 PM
Off-Broadway exchange T, W, Th, Sa, and Su 6:30 to 9 PM
Capitol Hill Youth Center
W and Th 10 AM to 2 PM
F, and Sa 2 to 6 PM
Hookups with other orgs:
Yes. We have good relationships with other agencies that work with youth and/or homeless and/or substance users. We have lists of all meal providers or food banks and make these available to folks. We do outreach to squats and have an active secondary exchange program.
Extra info offered: (our motto for ten years: No Questions Asked, No I.D. Required, Nothing to Sign!)